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Cubase 12 Workflow Features

cubase 12 features

  Cubase 12 brings several pro workflow improvements and some of them derived straight from Nuendo advanced post production system. let’s take a look at few improvements. Now you can easily export selected events in your projects. For example, you can select several events, even midi events and you can go to: file :export selected […]

FREE Vital Synth Is Here

Lets take a look around a powerhouse of a free synthesizer that we think will become pretty “vital” to your production set up. We’re going to explore some different things to try in the new vital synthesizer from Matt titel. In case you didn’t know, Matt is also the same person behind the free synthesizer […]

TOP 3 ways to make extra income as music producer

1. Sell sample packs, beats & templates Each artist, producer or DJ needs a stockpile of sounds that they can use to make catchy, effective and successful tracks. Template & sample packs genre is a branch in music business that can be productive and make you money in between your music production jobs. Sample packs […]

Cubase 11 New Features

Cubase 11 is packed with many performance and workflow improvements, plus exciting new properties to add to your music production skills. Watch Steinbergs introduction videos for all new features and improvements below!   1.  Simpler Stems   2.  Sample. Slice. Move. Glide.   3. The Scale Assistant   3. Perfect Bends   4.  Frequency 2 […]

Cubase 10 new features

cubase 10 new features

New major update of Cubase has arrived! Lets take a look at some new features Cubase 10 has added to their sequencer. VARIAUDIO 3 VariAudio has been refined and stretched out to even more productive tools. Smart Controls speed up your workflow by letting you directly control of all parameters in segments. Micro pith levels […]

Budget Monitors for Trance?

We decided to check out the JBL LSR305 powered monitors for trance production since hearing a lot of good things about the pair. We were totally impressed by their amazing stereo field and  balance and we wondered, if the first impressions would translate into a good mixing result and decided to produce a basic trance […]