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cubase templates payments

1. Sell sample packs, beats & templates

Each artist, producer or DJ needs a stockpile of sounds that they can use to make catchy, effective and successful tracks. Template & sample packs genre is a branch in music business that can be productive and make you money in between your music production jobs.

Sample packs are packs of one-shots or sample loops of different effects or instruments recorded with live or virtual instruments. Templates are producer made project files saved with various sequencer programs like Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic Pro and FL Studio, just to name a few most common ones. Templates are easily loaded and can instantly give you an insight to music production, plugins, instruments and mixing techniques used to create a song.

As a music producer you can set up your own website selling beats, samples and templates, or use a distributor website offering to sell your beats and templates with a commision that usually goes 50/50 with the producer and the distributor.

2. Ghost Producing

As a Ghost producer, you make music for other producers. You wont get credited from your productions but instead you are paid for your work for someone else. Basically, you can create new tracks and sell them to other producers and make money from that as a side business.

There are also countless of ghost production websites and platforms where you can sell you services online. If you are not borthered by someone else taking credits of your productions the this might be nice extra income source for you as a music producer.

3. Tutorials: Teach what you know

Another way for music producers to earn some extra cash include giving away some of your producing secrets in educational video tutorials online. There are a lot of websites online to sell your tutorials and video courses, and sites like Patreon, where your followers pay for the resources and tutorials you provide them.

If you have the extra time and patience, providing music production tutorials online might just be for you.