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Online shop for electronic music producer Cubase templates. We provide templates for musical and educational purposes in electronic music production.

With our products you can Explore and study EDM production from complete Cubase project files, with full arragement readily set up and mixed .Studying premade templates is known to be by far the fastest way to get insights on audio production and mixing. Templates will boost your  production skills and understanding on how music is produced, arranged and mixed.

Our template products include:

  • midi information and automation
  • audio samples arranged in place
  • Vst synth presets and settings in place
  • All templates pre mixed
  • Sidechain and group channels premade

Note! Third party vst plugins and instruments are used in these Cubase templates. Each product page will give you information on what vst plugins and/or instruments you need to own, in order to make full use of the template. We do not provide plugins or instruments, only templates.

Midi and automation
Audio samples arranged
VST Synth presets and settings premade
Pre mixed templates
Vst plugin settings in place

Templates on this site use third party plugins from following vst brands:

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