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We Provide Cubase Templates for Mixing and Producing Electronic Dance Music

If you’re a Cubase producer, recording engineer or just like experimenting with sounds and music production,
you will likely find yourself in need of some professional Cubase templates. These are pre-designed
arrangements that ease the stress of starting new projects. From drum beats to complete song files,
there is an assortment of different types of templates available.

Welcome to explore  our online shop for electronic music producer Cubase templates.

With our products you can explore and study EDM production from complete Cubase project files, with full arragement readily set up and mixed .Studying premade templates is known to be by far the fastest way to get insights on audio production and mixing. Templates will boost your  production skills and understanding on how music is produced, arranged and mixed.

You can also sell your own templates, construction kits and soundbanks at our shop.

Just register account HERE and check the box for “Apply to be a seller”. You will be approved shortly and you will get your own Producer dashboard where you can upload your templates and keep track of your sales.

Our template products include:

  • midi information and automation
  • audio samples arranged and in place
  • Vst synth presets and settings
  • All templates pre mixed
  • Sidechain and group channels
  • Note! Third party vst plugins and instruments are used in these Cubase templates. Each product page will give you information on what vst plugins and/or instruments you need to own, in order to make full use of the template. We do not provide plugins or instruments, only templates.

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