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Stereo image on these things is great. Centered tracks sounded precicely centered while panned instrument moved in the stereo field with accuracy and crystal clear precision.  The soundstage even compares to some high end studio monitors, that you couldnt even dream to get on this price point. Listening position was easy and fast to set because of the clear stereo field, you knew exactly were to sit and how to point the tweeters. Instruments were clear and easy to set up for their own space in spectrum.  You wouldnt expect so much bass for this sized speakers but the monitors really deliver considering the size. If id had to think of something to improve on these monitors, i would say the middrange could be just a little bit more bouncy and cut through.


These monitors seemed to perform surprisingly well in producing electronic music with several synth and bass layers to mix with. So we went on and produced two Cubase Tracks –  Escapes Vol.1 and Escapes Vol.2 using the JBL  LSR305 studio monitors. You can check out those Cubase templates from the lnks below:Escapes Vol.1 Cubase TemplateEscapes Vol.2 Cubase Template
More information on these monitors at the official JBL sitet: