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TOP 3 ways to make extra income as music producer

1. Sell sample packs, beats & templates Each artist, producer or DJ needs a stockpile of sounds that they can use to make catchy, effective and successful tracks. Template & sample packs genre is a branch in music business that can be productive and make you money in between your music production jobs. Sample packs […]

TOP 5 VST synths for electronic music

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Sylenth (Lennar Digital) Sylenth1 is obvious choice for anyone making electronic music. This analog VSTi synth has tons of quality and its especially designed for great performance . Its designed to keep CPU usage at minimum by automatically turning off sections that are not used, giving you great performance while keeping the quality at its […]

Why use DAW templates?

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  In the past few years, DAW templates have become increasingly available and popular for numerous digital audio workstations, also known as DAWs. There are some great benefits on using a template to start exploring different sound processing techniques used in electronic music genre. Lets take a look at some main benefits of using Cubase […]

Budget Monitors for Trance?

We decided to check out the JBL LSR305 powered monitors for trance production since hearing a lot of good things about the pair. We were totally impressed by their amazing stereo field and  balance and we wondered, if the first impressions would translate into a good mixing result and decided to produce a basic trance […]