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In the past few years, DAW templates have become increasingly available and popular for numerous digital audio workstations, also known as DAWs. There are some great benefits on using a template to start exploring different sound processing techniques used in electronic music genre. Lets take a look at some main benefits of using Cubase templates. 

Benefits from using a DAW template:

  • Learn new production techniques. This one is obvious. A premade Cubase template can teach you a lot about electronic music production and
    Cubase automation
    processing of all the necessary elements needed for a good EDM mix. You can off course learn all that from video tutorials widely available on Youtube, but not in a way you can from learn from a premade project template. Everything is ready and set up for you to explore.
  • Learn how to set your virtual instruments and plugins. Cubase templates include a lot of premade presets and settings, which is very valuable
    Cubase plugins
    Vst plugins
    information when creating your own instrument presets or your own FX plugin settings for processing your tracks. And off course you also get to keep all the presets that a template is using.
  • For musical learning. You can learn a lot from the notes, chords and progressions, to better compose your own tunes. Simple midi tracks have a lot of good information on composing good EDM tracks. And lets face it, moving notes around is much more convenient and inspirational than starting from the scratch on a blank piano roll.
  • For inspiration. Nothing gets you more inspired than exploring a good DAW template. Before you know, you have changed all the compositions and
    Cubase pianoroll
    Cubase piano roll
    instruments, brainstormed your own ideas, and are well on your way to creating your own hit song.
 Think of using EDM/trance templates as a shortcut to all the knowledge needed to produce great sounding tracks. After all,  the faster you learn the sooner you will be able to concentrate on what matters the most, the creative and the musical process. 
Check out our Cubase templates here:
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