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How to Use Cubase Templates in Dance Music Production

If you are into electronic dance music (EDM), then you have probably heard of Cubase. This is a powerful music production software that allows you to create professional-sounding tracks using a range of different sounds and effects. One of the great things about Cubase is that it comes with a range  of templates that you can use to get started with your production. These templates are a great way to learn the basics of the software and to get some inspiration for your own tracks.

What are Cubase templates?

Cubase templates are pre-made arrangements that you can use as a starting point for your own music productions. They can be a great way to get inspired and jumpstart your creative process. Plus, they can save you a lot of time by giving you a solid foundation to work from.

How to use Cubase templates for electronic music production?

  • Save time and make a default template you can use everytime as a startoff
    foundation for your tracks. For example, make one for each genre.
    Use templates to speed up your workflow and get better results in your
    electronic music productions. Saving your own templates can save you
    a ton of time in the long run – especially if you use Cubase for all your music
    production needs.
  • Use templates to learn new dance music production skills. The fastest way to get an
    insight to a dance music track is the get yourself a full template of a song.
    Explore individual track effects, mixing and compositions and youe what you
    learned in your own original songs.
  • Get samples and presets from the templates you like. Using a template is a great way
    to get new dance music samples and presets for your VST instruments like Spire and Sylenth1.
    You can also get tons of useful presets for your internal VST effect plugins found in Cubase.
  • Use them for inspiration. Theres nothing more inspirational than exploring through a well make dance music track. You can soon find yourself changing arrangements and getting all kinds of new melodies and production tricks coming
    into your mind.


The benefits of using Cubase templates

Biggest benefit of using templates is that they can save you a lot of time and effort. Its great to have genre based starting point templates saved that you can open and start creating without having to start from the scratch. Secondly, you can learn tons of production tehniques exploring templates of your favourite dance music tracks.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, Cubase templates are a great way to streamline your electronic music production workflow and get started with dance music production. They provide you with a basic framework to work with, and you can easily add your own sounds and effects to create your own unique track.

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